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The daily ration of an adult rabbit should be between 80-100g. However, this value is only a recommendation, because the actual need depends on physical activity and individual metabolism. grunhopper Adult can have a balancing effect for weight problems. If you comply with the daily ration a weight gain cannot occur. Very slim rabbits can be fed as necessary. Due to the high volume of our basic feed and the valuable, natural ingredients you need comparatively small quantities!

Fresh greens are an essential part of the rabbit diet. In summer you can offer meadow or wild herbs. For example: dandelion, ribwort, broadleaf plantain, daisies, shepherd's purse, clover and yarrow are very popular. In winter, you can resort to fresh twigs and green leafy vegetables from our fresh boxes or the supermarket. Especially suitable are leaf spinach, Chinese cabbage, endive, lamb's lettuce, kale, kohlrabi, carrot greens.

The big packages will suffice about 1,5 months for two indoor rabbits. The time period varies according to the additional feeding.

The feed mixtures are always freshly prepared. As a result, we can ensure a short storage time and a high natural vitamin concentration. The durability is 9-18 month, depending on the type of feed.

We observed that rabbits with dental problems accept our grunhopper Purgrün very well. Additional this feed is suitable for a good abrasion of the remaining teeth.

Crucial factors are the consistence of the nutrition and the duration of the feed intake. It is important that the feed must be chewed and the rabbit ingests a lot of hay or straw. Furthermore, a lot of wood in the rabbit warren is advisable. Rabbits like to gnaw on wood houses, wooden hay racks or fresh branches will.

It is appropriate to ensure that the whole food plan has a moderate calcium content. An oversupply of calcium can be avoided by waiver of certain feed (for example dried alfalfa, fodder with a calcium content over 4 g / kg feed). In addition, enough fresh water should always be available. Preferably you should use a water bowl.

You should feed a special youth fodder with a low content of protein and slightly increased content of calcium e.g. grunhopper Junior. Baby rabbits do not tolerate a change of food until the 12th week and therefore must always be fed the same food until that time.

Please ask your breeder which vegetables, fruits or wild herbs the mother had eaten. Just the same you can feed your small rabbits. If the breeder didn’t feed green fodder, please wait with the slow familiarization until the 12th week.

Our Junior fodder is also suitable for older rabbits, especially for large breeds, because it is very rich in energy.